Mini-Man Trip: Destination Colorado

My hubby, Scott, and two of his friends on their road trip to New Mexico and Colorado, a smaller scale version of the Man Trip they take each year.

Below is my interview with Scott showcasing their tips and tricks for road tripping during the pandemic.

Tell me a little bit about Man Trip.

Me and twelve friends from high school get a lake house every year and spend a long weekend on the water.  We golf, get in the water, play different games – volleyball, bags, dominoes.  We’ve known each other a really long time and with everyone’s schedules it’s hard to hang out every weekend like we used to.  It started with one person’s bachelor party and we decided to just keep doing it every year.  

How did the pandemic effect Man Trip?

It effected it big time. We had to cancel it. Normally, we have it in the beginning of the summer. Our main logistics guy lives in New York, so couldn’t leave his state. What ended up happening is a few of us made it into a mini-Man Trip. And, when we got back, we found out the other guys were planning a mini-Man Trip, too.

What was your itinerary?

Day 1 – Saturday

Travel to Durango

Day 2 – Sunday

Golf in Durango

Travel to Ouray

Day 3 – Monday

UTV in Ouray

Day 4 –

Travel to Albuquerque

Golf in Albuquerque

Day 5

Travel to Texas

How long was your drive?

16 – 17 hours driving to Ouray, Colorado.  Make sure to use Waze, because it points out where the speed traps are.

What route did you take?

Hwy 287 to Amarillo

I-40 W to Albuquerque

Hwy 550 to Durango and then Ouray

Did you take the same route coming back?


Anything folks should stop to check out along the way?

For food, stop to get an Allsup’s Bean & Beef Burrito up around Amarillo and Wichita Falls.  Also, go to the Hermosa Creek Grill in Durango for breakfast burritos.  

What precautions did you take for COVID-19?

We wore masks any time we exited the vehicle and had ample amounts of hand sanitizer.  

Do you think the trip would have been different if we weren’t in a pandemic? 

Yes, we would have been able to go out for dinner and explore more, but Colorado’s laws make it such that everything shuts down at 10 pm. That made getting dinner harder, because we were gone all day riding in the mountains and didn’t get back until 9 or 10 pm at night. Our dinner options at that time was limited and in such a small town everyone went to the same restaurant, so the wait times were 2 – 3 hours long.

Was there a fridge or microwave in your hotel?

Yes, because we were in a suite.  

Did you think about making dinner at your suite?

We did, but we knew we’d be really tired after playing golf all day or being out in the mountains all day.  We didn’t want to waste a bunch of food, so we just bought some snacks and drinks.

Where did you stay?


La Quinta – a suite.  This was my favorite of the places that we stayed.  It had two tv’s, a microwave, a fridge, a big comfortable couch, desk, 2 queen beds and 1 bathroom.  Each of us had our own place to sleep, one person per bed and one person on the couch.  


VRBO Townhouse which could have fit 14 people.  Each of us had a king sized bed and there were 2 bathrooms.

Both were extremely clean.  


Super 8. Was a little sketchy – but we weren’t looking for comfort, just looking to sleep a few hours before getting on the road back to Texas.

What golf courses did you play?

Twin Warriors Golf Course in Albuquerque – absolutely amazing, hot – Par 72

Dalton Ranch Golf Club in Durango – absolutely amazing – Par 72

Any tips for golfers on these courses?

They both have very beautiful scenery, especially Twin Warriors.  It’s been a qualifier for several PGA championships.  White Claw is a refreshing alcoholic beverage in the 100 degree weather.  

You and your friends are all around 40, was it hard on your bodies to be on such a long drive?

No, it wasn’t bad.  We had a very comfortable vehicle to drive in.  If you’re going to take that long of a trip, it’s worth it to get a big truck or SUV to make the trip easier.  It’s a little more in gas, but it’s worth it.

About how much was it in gas? 

We stopped to fill up about 4-5 times each way.  So it was about $65-70 each time for his diesel truck.  He was getting about 10 miles/gallon because he was pulling the UTV.  It would probably be half that much for other folks.  

Colorado is known for being the first state in the US to legalize the sale of marijuana.  For those who are interested in purchasing some, what are your tips?

Retail dispensaries are all over the place, just use google to find them. They sell a variety of products, including THC cartridges, wax, flower, pre-rolled blunts and joints, and edibles. You have to be 21 and have a valid drivers license; plus, you can only buy up to 2 ounces of any combination of products per day (they scan your ID). Be sure to finish what you buy while you’re in Colorado, because it’s not legal to transport it over state lines.

Anything else you’d like to share?

  • Make sure to pack for any kind of weather – rain, snow, heat, anything.  It may seem like too much, but it’s worth it. 
  • Buy oxygen if you’re going into the mountains.  When you’re up in the mountains they sell little spray containers of it in convenience stores.

What was the most fun part of the trip?

Seeing the impressiveness of Mother Nature.  Photos don’t do the mountains justice.  It was great to go up there in July to get out of the Texas heat.

Do you think you’ll go back to having the big Man Trip?

Of course, we will! As soon as we can all travel.

The official logo for the Mini-Man Trip, which I designed in Procreate. Each year, the guys get t-shirts, stickers, hats, mugs, etc. to commemorate their trip.

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